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Plus is a free online mathematics magazine aimed at students of 15+ and the general public. Plus aims to open a door onto the world of maths, with all its beauty and applications, through lively articles on topics as diverse as investigating climate change, game theory applied to formulating a romantic strategy, maths and the visual arts, or how to take the perfect penalty kick; news items; podcasts and a careers library.
  NRICH publishes free mathematics education rich tasks, games and articles aimed at ages 5 through to 19. NRICH material focuses on problem-solving, building core mathematical reasoning and strategic thinking skills, and encourages creative, confident approaches to mathematical thinking. AskNRICH, staffed by Cambridge University student volunteers, is a lively online mathematical discussion community which helps users to work out solutions to their mathematical questions ( is a Russian website featuring animations on many different branches of mathematics. Google is able to translate the text into English.