Volume 9 (1976/1977)

Volume 9, Number 1 (September 1976)

1   L. MIRSKY. A Case Study in Inequalities ABSTRACT
6   G. J. G. UPTON. Bias on Ballot Papers, or the Good Fortune of Basil Brush ABSTRACT
13   D. S. SCHONLAND. Collisions of Atomic Particles ABSTRACT
20   R. N. MADDISON. String Fingers ABSTRACT
26   Letters to the Editor
32   Problems and Solutions
34   Book Reviews
36   Notes on Contributors


Volume 9, Number 2 (January 1977)  

37   EDITORIAL. Mathematical Spectrum awards
37   COLIN GOLDSMITH. The 18th International Mathematical Olympiad ABSTRACT
42   MALCOLM CLARK and ANDREW MACNEIL. Odd Couples and Missing Cars ABSTRACT
46   PETER TAN. Games of Chance and Probability: A Historical Anecdote ABSTRACT
52   G. F. A. HOFFMAN DE VISME. The Race-Track Problem ABSTRACT
58   Letters to the Editor
64   Problems and Solutions
66   Book Reviews
68   Notes on Contributors


Volume 9, Number 3 (May 1977)   

69   MICHAEL ROAF. Counting in Cuneiform ABSTRACT
75   ANDREW BOSI. The Effect of Bonus Points on the Cricket County Championship ABSTRACT
82   PATRICK BROOKE. Perfect and Pandiagonal Magic Hyper-cubes ABSTRACT
95   Letter to the Editor
97   Problems and Solutions
100   Book Reviews
101   Notes on Contributors
102   Index to Volumes 7 to 9