Volume 8 (1975/1976)

Volume 8, Number 1 (September 1975)

1   C. P. ORMELL. A New Look at Archimedes ABSTRACT
11   A. G. MUNFORD. An Urn Problem with a Quality-Control Application ABSTRACT
19   JONATHAN HITCHCOCK. A Complex-Number Slide Rule ABSTRACT
21   O. D. ANDERSON. Can You Contribute to Time Series Research? ABSTRACT
24   F. CHORLTON. Factorisation of Quadratic Forms ABSTRACT
29   Letters to the Editor
33    Problems and Solutions
35   Book Reviews
36   Notes on Contributors


Volume 8, Number 2 (January 1976)  

37   J. H. DURRAN. International Mathematical Olympiad, 1975 ABSTRACT
39   R. J. STAMMERS and R. N. MADDISON. Solving Polyomino Covering Problems by Computer ABSTRACT
50   FREDERICK STERN. Time to Win, Time to Lose ABSTRACT
53   A. D. MISRA. Magic Squares ABSTRACT
61   O. D. ANDERSON. Correction to Volume 8, pages 21-23
62   Letters to the Editor
64   Problems and Solutions
66   Book Reviews
68   Notes on Contributors


Volume 8, Number 3 (May 1976)   

69   D. M. BURLEY. Mathematical Model of a Kidney Machine ABSTRACT
75   L. S. GODDARD. Éamon de Valéra A Mathematical Potrait ABSTRACT
77   K. R. S. SASTRY. Heronian Triangles ABSTRACT
80   MONICA A. WALKER. A Statistical Problem in Criminology ABSTRACT
85   Letters to the Editor
91   Problems and Solutions
95   Book Reviews
100   Notes on Contributors