Volume 7 (1974/1975)

Volume 7, Number 1 (September 1974)

1   DAVID BURGHES. 'University Mathematics' ABSTRACT
4   NACHUM L. RABINOVITCH. What is Probability? ABSTRACT
7   J. S. PYM. Pitfalls of Elementary Set Theory ABSTRACT
9   N. A. DRAIM. The Divergence of the Simple Harmonic Series ABSTRACT
12   N. A. J. HASTINGS. Dynamic Programming ABSTRACT
19   A. B. TAYLER. The Sweep of a Logging Truck ABSTRACT
27   Letters to the Editor
30   Problems submitted by Readers
31   Problems and Solutions
32   Book Reviews
36   Notes on Contributors


Volume 7, Number 2 (January 1975)  

37   A. K. AUSTIN. Finite Lists and the Propositional Calculus ABSTRACT
46   CHRIS CANNINGS. Certain Graphs Arising in Genetics ABSTRACT
53   T. J. FLETCHER. Some Remarks on Blow's Game ABSTRACT
60   D. J. ROAF. English Church Bell Ringing ABSTRACT
66   Letter to the Editor
67   Problems and Solutions
70   Book Reviews
72   Notes on Contributors


Volume 7, Number 3 (May 1975)  


73   J. HOWLETT. Charles Babbage and his Computer ABSTRACT
81   DAVID BURGHES. Isoperimetric Inequalities ABSTRACT
83   R. M. CLARK. Statistics and Radiocarbon Dating ABSTRACT
89   PETER A. RADO and RICHARD RADO. More About Lions and Other Animals ABSTRACT
94   J. D. GRIFFITHS. Some New Applications of the Unit Step Function ABSTRACT
100   Letters to the Editor
101   Problems submitted by a Reader
102   Problems and Solutions
104   Book Reviews
108   Notes on Contributors