Volume 6 (1973/1974)

Volume 6, Number 1 (Autumn 1973)

1   J. GANI. A Summary of Results of the Mathematical Spectrum 1973 Questionnaire ABSTRACT
2   DAVID BLOW. The Numerical Analysis of a Simple Game ABSTRACT
7   T. P. SPEED. Statistics in School and Society ABSTRACT
12   RAMESH KAPADIA. How Rigorous Can a Proof Be? ABSTRACT
14   RICHARD RADO. How the Lion Tamer was Saved ABSTRACT
19   J. D. MURRAY. Approximate Methods in Mathematics ABSTRACT
25   Letters to the Editor
27   Problems submitted by Readers
28   Problems and Solutions
31   Book Reviews
39   Notes on Contributors


Volume 6, Number 2 (Spring 1974)  

41   UNDERWOOD DUDLEY. Who Was the First Non-Euclidean? ABSTRACT
47   PAT ROGERS. The Continuum Hypothesis ABSTRACT
51   JOAN M. HOLLAND. A Matrix Method for Solving Cubic Equations Numerically ABSTRACT
57   DIETER K. ROSS and EDWIN F. CARTER. A New Look at the S.H.M. Equation ABSTRACT
61   A. SACKFIELD and M. G. FROST. A Non-Linear Differential Equation Arising in Relativity Theory ABSTRACT
67   Letter to the Editor
67   Problems and Solutions
71   Book Reviews
77   Notes on Contributors
78   Index to Volumes 4 to 6