Volume 5 (1972/1973)

Volume 5, Number 1 (Autumn 1972)

1   PAUL R. JACKSON. Football Statistics ABSTRACT
7   V. W. BRYANT. Plangers ABSTRACT
16   D. J. ROAF. Time Independent Quantum Mechanics in One Dimension ABSTRACT
26   Seventh British Mathematical Olympiad
27   Letter to the Editor
29   Problems and Solutions
32   Book Reviews
36   Notes on Contributors


Volume 5, Number 2 (Spring 1973)  

37   J. GANI. Mathematical Spectrum 1968 1973 A Survey of the First 5 Years ABSTRACT
42   H. P. ROGOSINSKI. The Perpetual Calendar ABSTRACT
46   P. N. MEHTA. Calculating Square Roots of Perfect Square Numbers by Inspection ABSTRACT
48   JOAN M. HOLLAND. Solving Cubic Equations Numerically by Recurrence Formulae ABSTRACT
54   M. J. GARDNER. Strategy for Life A Guide to Decision Making ABSTRACT
58   PAT ROGERS. The Parallel Axiom ABSTRACT
66   Letter to the Editor
67   Problems and Solutions
71   Book Reviews
75   Notes on Contributors