Volume 44 (2011/2012)

Volume 44, Number 1 (September 2011)

1   From the Editor SAMPLE COLUMN
5   ANDREW PERCY and ALISTAIR CARR. One Coincidence After Another! ABSTRACT
8   MARTIN GRIFFITHS. Using a Sledgehammer to Crack Some Nuts ABSTRACT
12   DENIS BELL. Functions Satisfying Two Trigonometric Identities ABSTRACT
15   JINGCHENG TONG and SIDNEY KUNG. Symmetry and the Nine-Point Circle ABSTRACT
19   MICHEL BATAILLE. A Trip from Trig to Triangle ABSTRACT
24   AYOUB B. AYOUB. Routh's Theorem Revisited ABSTRACT
28   M. KRÍZEK, A. SOLCOVÁ and L. SOMER. 600 Years of Prague's Horologe and the Mathematics Behind it ABSTRACT
34   JAY L. SCHIFFMAN. Exploring Prime Decades Less Than Ten Billion ABSTRACT
39   M. A. NYBLOM. Another Proof of Carlson's Infinite Product Expansion for ln(xABSTRACT
41   Letters to the Editor
45   Problems and Solutions


 Volume 44, Number 2 (January 2012) 

49   From the Editor SAMPLE COLUMN
51   MARTIN GRIFFITHS. A Look at Some Noninteger Representations of Numbers ABSTRACT
56    RUSSELL EULER and JAWAD SADEK. An Example of Minimizing a Function the Optimal Way ABSTRACT
61    J. GILDER. A Trajectory for Maximum Impact ABSTRACT
64    THOMAS KOSHY. Catalan Congruences with Interesting Dividends ABSTRACT
69    COLIN FOSTER. Odd and Even Fractions ABSTRACT
73    A. G. SUMMERS and K. L. Q. READ. The Truel Problem ABSTRACT
80    PRITHWIJIT DE. Height of Difficulty ABSTRACT
86    Letters to the Editor
91    Problems and Solutions


 Volume 44, Number 3 (May 2012) 

97   From the Editor SAMPLE COLUMN
98   COLIN FOSTER. Trigonometry Without Right Angles ABSTRACT
102   STUART SIMONS. Generalised Trigonometry ABSTRACT
111    MARTIN GRIFFITHS. Does this Ring a Bell? ABSTRACT
119    AYOUB B. AYOUB. The Nine-Point Circle as a Locus ABSTRACT
122    SANDRO CAPARRINI. A Note on `Oblique-Angled Diameters' ABSTRACT
125    THOMAS KOSHY. The Ends of Square–Triangular Numbers ABSTRACT
130    M. A. NYBLOM. In Search of Square Centred Square Numbers ABSTRACT
134   Letters to the Editor
139   Problems and Solutions