Volume 40 (2007/2008)

Volume 40, Number 1 (September 2007)

1   From the Editor SAMPLE COLUMN
3   ZHANG YUN. An Inequality Connected with a Special Point of a Triangle ABSTRACT
9   HOSSEIN BEHFOROOZ. On the Divergence of p-like Series with p > 1 ABSTRACT
17   JOSEPH L. PE. The Picture-Perfect Numbers ABSTRACT
24   PHILIP MAYNARD. Sums of Consecutive Numbers Modulo n. SAMPLE ARTICLE
26   EDWARD GREVE and THOMAS J. OSLER. Oblique-Angled Diameters and Conic Sections ABSTRACT
31   D. G. ROGERS. Picture This: From Inscribed Circle to Pythagorean Proposition ABSTRACT
36   Mathematics in the Classroom
38   Letters to the Editor
41   Problems and Solutions
45   Reviews


Volume 40, Number 2 (January 2008)  

49   From the Editor SAMPLE COLUMN
50   GARETH WILLIAMS. Poincaré and his Infamous Conjecture ABSTRACT
56   THEODOROS M. VALAHAS and ANDREAS BOUKAS. The Reflecting Property of Parabolas ABSTRACT
 59   ABBAS ROOHOL AMINI. Fibonacci Numbers from a Long Division Formula ABSTRACT
62   NATHAN OLSON, CHRISTOPHER PHILLIPS and JENNIFER SWITKES. Two Derivations of a Higher-Order Newton-Type Method ABSTRACT
67   IAN SHORT. How Much Money do You Need? ABSTRACT
73   ANDREW ROBERTSON and THOMAS J. OSLER. Euler's Little Summation Formula and Sums of Powers ABSTRACT
77   KALYAAN M. RAO, K. P. S. BHASKARA RAO and M. BHASKARA RAO. The Mathematics Behind a Certain Card Trick ABSTRACT
80   Mathematics in the Classroom
84   Letters to the Editor
89   Problems and Solutions
92   Reviews


Volume 40, Number 3 (May 2008)   

97   From the Editor SAMPLE COLUMN
104   PHILIP MAYNARD. Generalised Binet Formulae. SAMPLE ARTICLE
106   THOMAS J. OSLER. Geometric Constructions Approximating Pi ABSTRACT
109   P. GLAISTER. One Day Cricket Triangular Tournaments - Do Matches Count? ABSTRACT
116   PETER STANLEY. The Better Bowler? ABSTRACT
119   ZHANG YUN. Euler's Inequality Revisited ABSTRACT
122   PETER MORRIS. A Square Wheel on a Round Track ABSTRACT
127   HOSSEIN BEHFOROOZ. On Constructing 4x4 Magic Squares with Pre-Assigned Magic Sum ABSTRACT
134   Letters to the Editor
139   Problems and Solutions
143   Reviews