Volume 4 (1971/1972)

Volume 4, Number 1 (Autumn 1971)

1   J. B. HELLIWELL. Mathematics: The Language of Science ABSTRACT
7   DAVID KENDALL. The Algebra of Genealogy ABSTRACT
9   J. GANI. Gambling and Probability: Some Early Problems ABSTRACT
14   E. HUNTLEY. The Control of a Hovering VTOL Aircraft ABSTRACT
19   D. B. SCOTT. Proving the Rule or First Steps in Rigour ABSTRACT
26   P. SHIU. Approximation to Square Roots ABSTRACT
31   J. E. LITTLEWOOD. Adventures in Ballistics, 1915 1918. I ABSTRACT
38   Problems and Solutions
41   Book Reviews
46   Letter to the Editor
47   Notes on Contributors


Volume 4, Number 2 (Spring 1972)  

49   PAUL H. JACKSON. Problems in the Use of Educational Tests ABSTRACT
60   D. W. SHARPE. Profits without Tears ABSTRACT
63   R. L. E. SCHWARZENBERGER. The Language of Geometry ABSTRACT
69   J. H. E. COHN. How Many Prime Numbers Are There? ABSTRACT
72   W. F. LUNNON. On Folding a Map ABSTRACT
80   J. E. LITTLEWOOD. Adventures in Ballistics, 1915 1918. II ABSTRACT
87   Problems and Solutions
90   Book Reviews
96   Notes on Contributors