Volume 35 (2002/2003)

Volume 35, Number 1 (September 2002)

1   From the Editor
2   B. H. NEUMANN. An Ancient Mathematician Remembers. SAMPLE ARTICLE
3   P. GLAISTER. To Be or Not 2b - That Other Classic ABSTRACT
5   THOMAS J. OSLER and BRIAN SEAMAN. A Computer Hunt for Apéry's Constant ABSTRACT
9   P. SCHOFIELD. Drawing Network Graphs with DERIVE 5 ABSTRACT
13   KAREN GOLD. Lecturer Makes History in Maths. SAMPLE ARTICLE
14   JOE GANI. A Note on Roman Arithmetic. SAMPLE ARTICLE
15   Mathematics in the Classroom
16   Computer Column
18   Letters to the Editor
22   Problems and Solutions
23   Reviews


Volume 35, Number 2 (January 2003)  

25   From the Editor
26   PAUL JEFFERYS. International Mathematical Olympiad 2002 ABSTRACT
29   YUNPENG LI and PAUL BELCHER. Suppose Snow White Agreed to Take Part as Well ABSTRACT
32   DEREK COLLINS. Going Round in Circles ABSTRACT
37   DAVID BURLEY. Oscillations Produced by a Cam ABSTRACT
41   Mathematics in the Classroom
42   Computer Column
44   Letters to the Editor
46   Problems and Solutions
48   Reviews


Volume 35, Number 3 (May 2003)   

49   From the Editor
50   DIETRICH STOYAN. Statistical Analyses of Euro Coin Mixing ABSTRACT
55   B. BARNES. Prickly Pear Meets Its Moth ABSTRACT
58   J. GANI. The Coupon Collector's Problem and Geological Time ABSTRACT
60   P. GLAISTER. Integration Simplified. SAMPLE ARTICLE
62   RANDALL J. SWIFT. Some Fibonacci-like Sequences ABSTRACT
65   Mathematics in the Classroom
66   Computer Column
67   Letters to the Editor
69   Problems and Solutions
71   Reviews