Volume 32 (1999/2000)

Volume 32, Number 1 (September 1999)

1   GUIDO LASTERS and DAVID SHARPE. A Generalized Argand Diagram ABSTRACT
5   P. J. LARCOMBE. The 18th Century Chinese Discovery of the Catalan Numbers ABSTRACT
7   ROGER COOK. Sums of Powers ABSTRACT
10   P. GLAISTER. Throwing Elliptical Shields on Floorboards ABSTRACT
14   Mathematics in the Classroom
15   Computer Column
16   Letters to the Editor
19   Problems and Solutions
22   Reviews


Volume 32, Number 2 (January 2000)  

25   A. TAN. A Bird's Eye View of Spherical Triangles ABSTRACT
29   VIDAN GOVEDARICA and MILAN JOVANOVIC. More about the convergence of the sequence {(1+(1/n))n}SAMPLE ARTICLE
30   ROGER COOK. Reversing Digits Revisited ABSTRACT
34   P. RADMORE and G. STEPHENSON. A `Three Digits' Problem. SAMPLE ARTICLE
35   ZHANG YUN. An Introduction to Geometric Inequalities ABSTRACT
40   Mathematics in the Classroom
40   Computer Column
42   Letters to the Editor
43   Problems and Solutions
45   Reviews


Volume 32, Number 3 (May 2000)   

49   G. C. BUSH. François Viète and the Quest for Pi ABSTRACT
51   JENS CARTENSEN. Circles in the Right Triangle ABSTRACT
54   A. TAN. Bucky Ball and Soccer Ball Models for the Earth's Continents ABSTRACT
58   GUIDO LASTERS and DAVID SHARPE. Constructing a Triangle ABSTRACT
60   K. R. S. SASTRY. Urquhart's Theorem ABSTRACT
63   Mathematics in the Classroom
64   Letters to the Editor
68   Problems and Solutions
70   Reviews