Volume 31 (1998/1999)

Volume 31, Number 1 (September 1998)

1   MAHESH DUBE. Mahaviracarya: the Poet and the Mathematician ABSTRACT
7   J. D. WESTON. Some Properties of the Number Five ABSTRACT
9   MICHAEL J. WILLIAMS and LINDA J. S. ALLEN. The RSA Algorithm: A Public-Key Cryptosystem ABSTRACT
14   S. G. ROUT. A Problem of Leonardo of Pisa ABSTRACT
17   Mathematics in the Classroom
18   Computer Column
19   Letters to the Editor
21   Problems and Solutions
23   Reviews


Volume 31, Number 2 (January 1999)  

25   MANSUR S. BOASE. Some Prime Results ABSTRACT
29   K. PRAKASH. The Sequence pn-1. SAMPLE ARTICLE
30   I. M. RICHARDS. The Josephus Problem and Ahrens Arrays ABSTRACT
34   FRANK CHORLTON. Some Integrals Evaluated. SAMPLE ARTICLE
35   ROGER COOK. Reversing Digits ABSTRACT
38   P. GLAISTER. Calculus Unequalled. SAMPLE ARTICLE
41   Mathematics in the Classroom
42   Computer Column
44   Letters to the Editor
45   Problems and Solutions
47   Reviews


Volume 31, Number 3 (May 1999)   

49   ROGER COOK. Pierre-Simon de Laplace: 1749-1827 ABSTRACT
52   P. GLAISTER. The Golden Ratio by Origami. SAMPLE ARTICLE
53   FRANK CHORLTON. A Property of the Catenary. SAMPLE ARTICLE
55   MASAKAZU NIHEI. Some Trigonometric Inequalities ABSTRACT
58   K. R. S. SASTRY. A Story from Flocklore ABSTRACT
62   Mathematics in the Classroom
63   Computer Column
65   Letters to the Editor
69   Problems and Solutions
70   Reviews