Volume 3 (1970/1971)

Volume 3, Number 1 (Autumn 1970)

1    J. KIEFER. Statistical Inference ABSTRACT
12    T. J. FLETCHER. Irrational Rectangles ABSTRACT
17    NICHOLAS YOUD. An Original Solution of a Problem in Calculus ABSTRACT
21    HAZEL PERFECT. Friends and Acquaintances ABSTRACT
24    R. S. H. G. THOMPSON. Careers for Women Graduates in Mathematics ABSTRACT
27    F. BOSTOCK. Mathematics of Today A Sixth Form Conference. SAMPLE ARTICLE
28    Problems and Solutions
31    Book Reviews
38    Notes on Contributors


Volume 3, Number 2 (Spring 1971)  

 41    D. R. DAVIES. The Mysterious Atmosphere ABSTRACT
 46    E. M. PATTERSON. The New Geometry ABSTRACT
 51    R. J. WEBSTER. The Legend of Leonardo of Pisa ABSTRACT
 55    J. MACEY. A Method of Solving the General Quartic Equation. SAMPLE ARTICLE
 56    J. GANI. The Theory and Practice of Sample Surveys. SAMPLE ARTICLE
 57    T. J. RAO. Sample Survey Techniques and their Applications ABSTRACT
 61    P. G. MOORE. Sampling and Opinion Polls ABSTRACT
 66    Letter to the Editor
 67    Problems and Solutions
 71    Book Reviews
 75    Notes on Contributors
 76    Index to Volumes 1 to 3