Volume 28 (1995/1996)

Volume 28, Number 1 (September 1995)

1   HAZEL PERFECT. The Revd Thomas Penynton Kirkman FRS (1806-1895): Schoolgirl Parades-but much more! ABSTRACT
7   TANG FU-SU. Thinking About a Problem ABSTRACT
9   H. K. KRISHNAPRIYAN. The Vacillating Mathematician and Linear Difference Equations ABSTRACT
12   J. GILDER. Intercepting Missiles. SAMPLE ARTICLE
13   JOHN MacNEILL. A Theorem on the Face Angles of a Polyhedron. SAMPLE ARTICLE
14   R. S. THODY. An Illuminating Program. SAMPLE ARTICLE
16   JAMES HORTH. Graphic Calculators and the Mandelbrot Set ABSTRACT
18   Computer Column
19   Mathematics in the Classroom
20   Letters to the Editor
21   Problems and Solutions
23   Reviews


Volume 28, Number 2 (January 1996)  

25   H. BURKILL. G. H. Hardy (1877-1947) ABSTRACT
31   CLIFF PICKOVER. The Undulation of the Monks. SAMPLE ARTICLE
33   FILIP SAJDAK. The Roseberry Conjecture. SAMPLE ARTICLE
34   F. T. HOWARD. The Probability of Consecutive Numbers in Lotto. SAMPLE ARTICLE
39   FENG YUEFENG. An Elementary Inequality with Applications ABSTRACT
41   Computer Column
42   Mathematics in the Classroom
43   Letters to the Editor
45   Problems and Solutions
47   Reviews


Volume 28, Number 3 (May 1996)   

52   JOSEPH McLEAN. Prime Bernoulli Numbers. SAMPLE ARTICLE
54   I. SH. SLAVUTSKII. First Steps in the Geometry of p-adic Fields. SAMPLE ARTICLE
56   K. R. S. SASTRY. An Extension of a Fermat Problem. SAMPLE ARTICLE
57   K. R. S. SASTRY. Self-reference Integers. SAMPLE ARTICLE
58   DAVID K. SMITH. Dynamic Programming and Two Puzzles of Dudeney ABSTRACT
63   P. GLAISTER. Determining Sums Recursively. SAMPLE ARTICLE
64   CLIFF PICKOVER. The Loneliness of the Fractions. SAMPLE ARTICLE
66   Mathematics in the Classroom
67   Computer Column
68   Letters to the Editor
69   Problems and Solutions
70   Reviews