Volume 27 (1994/1995)

Volume 27, Number 1 (September 1994)

1   W. M. PICKERING. Get Your Spoke in with the Cosine Rule ABSTRACT
5   P. GLAISTER. Card Shuffling for Beginners ABSTRACT
8   BRIAN H. DENTON. Laplace Transforms in Theory and Practice ABSTRACT
11   PETER DIXON. Chaotic Music on the BBC Micro or IBM PC. SAMPLE ARTICLE
12   JOHN SHERRILL. A Partial Proof of Fermat's Last Theorem. SAMPLE ARTICLE
13   FRANK CHORLTON. Simpson's Rule for Numerical Integration ABSTRACT
15   MIKE WENBLE. Extensions of the 1994 Problem. SAMPLE ARTICLE
17   Mathematics in the Classroom
18   Computer Column
20   Letters to the Editor
21   Problems and Solutions
23   Reviews


Volume 27, Number 2 (January 1995)  

25   HAZEL PERFECT. Georg Cantor, 1845-1918: He Transposed Mathematics into a New Key ABSTRACT
29   FRANK CHORLTON. Harmonic Means and Egyptian Fractions. SAMPLE ARTICLE
30   ROGER COOK and DAVID SHARPE. Sums of Arithmetic Progressions ABSTRACT
32   P. J. EVERSON and A. P. BASSOM. Optimal Arrangements for a Dartboard ABSTRACT
35   I. M. RICHARDS. Reflection Problems ABSTRACT
37   Computer Column
38   G. N. THWAITES. Difference and Differential Equations ABSTRACT
41   Mathematics in the Classroom
42   MICHAEL CAIN. An Example of Uncorrelated Dependent Random Variables. SAMPLE ARTICLE
43   Letters to the Editor
45   Problems and Solutions
47   Reviews


Volume 27, Number 3 (May 1995)   

49   TONY GARDINER. Mathematics through Problems. SAMPLE ARTICLE
51   P. GLAISTER. Linear and Non-Linear Oscillators ABSTRACT
54   G. T. VICKERS. More about an Infinite Exponential ABSTRACT
57   P. SHIU. Triangle Inequalities for Rectangles ABSTRACT
60   Computer Column
61   Mathematics in the Classroom
62   CHRIS HOLT. The Domino Problem. SAMPLE ARTICLE
63   Letters to the Editor
68   Problems and Solutions
70   Reviews
71   Index to Volumes 25 to 27