Volume 26 (1993/1994)

Volume 26, Number 1 (September 1993)

1   CHRIS CALDWELL and HARVEY DUBNER. Primorial, Factorial and Multifactorial Primes ABSTRACT
8   ALEXANDER ABIAN and SERGEI SVERCHKOV. Expansions into Iterated Square Roots ABSTRACT
12   L. SHORT. One Shape in Several Guises ABSTRACT
22   Computer Column
23   Letters to the Editor
27   Problems and Solutions
30   Reviews


Volume 26, Number 2 (November 1993)  

33   Mathematical Spectrum Awards for Volume 25
33   JOHN MacNEILL. A Network of Minimum Length ABSTRACT
39   The Smarandache Function
40   DAVID SHARPE. Stacking Boxes ABSTRACT
44   PHILIP CHATWIN and LEO KATAN. Law, Food and Geometry ABSTRACT
50   SAYAMAK JAFARI. Summing the Series sumr=1nr and sumr=1nr 2 Using Pascal's Identity. SAMPLE ARTICLE
52   ALEXANDER ABIAN and ESFANDIAR ESLAMI. A Proof of the Arithmetic-Geometric Mean Inequality ABSTRACT
55   Computer Column
56   Problems and Solutions
60   Reviews


Volume 26, Number 3 (February 1994)   

65   ROGER COOK. Fermat's Last Theorem - A Theorem At Last ABSTRACT
74   MIKE GRANNELL and TERRY GRIGGS. An Introduction to Steiner Systems ABSTRACT
81   H. SAZEGAR. A Note on Wilson's Theorem. SAMPLE ARTICLE
83   H. SAZEGAR. On a Theorem of Liouville. SAMPLE ARTICLE
84   The Smarandache Function
86   J. H. LITTLEWOOD. The Epi/hypocycloid ABSTRACT
88   Computer Column
90   Letters to the Editor
91   Problems and Solutions
93   Reviews


Volume 26, Number 4 (May 1994)   

97   A new format for Mathematical Spectrum
97   DESMOND MacHALE. Some Sequences Euclid Would Have Liked ABSTRACT
100   WOLFRAM HINDERER. Optimal Crossing of a Desert ABSTRACT
103   F. T. HOWARD. Sums of Powers of Integers ABSTRACT
110   TAMARA CURNOW. Falling Down a Polygonal Well ABSTRACT
119   Computer Column
122   Letters to the Editor
123   Problems and Solutions
127   Reviews