Volume 23 (1990/1991)

Volume 23, Number 1 (September 1990)

1   K. R. S. SASTRY. Morley's Theorem. SAMPLE ARTICLE
2   WILLIAM WOODSIDE and CHRISTIAN T. L. JANSSEN. Optimizing the Wait for the Bus: Reflections of a Commuter ABSTRACT
8   HARRIS SHULTZ. Summation Properties of {1, 2, . . . , nABSTRACT
11   OLIVER JOHNSON. Reduction of a Non-Linear Recurrence Relation to a Linear Form. SAMPLE ARTICLE
14   R. HILL. Error-Correcting Codes II ABSTRACT
23   M. G. VERTANNES. Polynomials with Prime Values. SAMPLE ARTICLE
24   Computer Column
25   Letters to the Editor
26   Problems and Solutions
30   Reviews


Volume 23, Number 2 (November 1990)  

33   Mathematical Spectrum Awards for Volume 22
33   P. GLAISTER. You Will Get Your Pi, Eventually ABSTRACT
36   CHRIS K. CALDWELL. Nice Polynomials of Degree 4 ABSTRACT
39   MICHAEL DAVIES. An Interesting Dull Real Number. SAMPLE ARTICLE
41   RICHARD STONE.  Perception of Speed on the Motorway ABSTRACT
44   JOSEPH ROSENBLATT. I. Infinity and Enumeration ABSTRACT
54   Computer Column
56   AMITES SARKAR. Binomial Identities by Leibniz's Theorem ABSTRACT
59   Letters to the Editor
60   Problems and Solutions
62   Reviews


Volume 23, Number 3 (February 1991)   

65   ALAN FEARNEHOUGH. On Formulas for Involving Inverse Tangent Functions ABSTRACT  
68   DAVID SHARPE. The Strange Billiard Table. SAMPLE ARTICLE  
69   TONY BARNARD. A Cinderella Property of Binomial Coefficients. SAMPLE ARTICLE  
70   JOSEPH ROSENBLATT. II. Infinity and Limits ABSTRACT  
74   G. N. THWAITES. Examining the Surface of a Hypercube. SAMPLE ARTICLE  
76   J. C. GOWER. Sir Ronald Aylmer Fisher, 1890 1962 ABSTRACT  
91   K. PRAKASH. Powerless Arithmetic Progressions. SAMPLE ARTICLE  
92   Computer Column  
94   Letters to the Editor  
95   Problems and Solutions  
101   Reviews  


Volume 23, Number 4 (May 1991)   

105   A. W. F. EDWARDS. Patterns and Primes in Bernoulli's Triangle ABSTRACT
110   ROGER COOK. Two Binomial Identities ABSTRACT
113   CLIFFORD A. PICKOVER and ELAHE KHORASANI. Visualization of the Gleichniszahlen-Reihe, an Unusual Number Sequence ABSTRACT
116   OLIVER D. ANDERSON. Summing Powers of Integers ABSTRACT
121   K. PRAKASH. Powerless Polynomials. SAMPLE ARTICLE
122   HARDEO SAHAI. Probability and Epidemiology ABSTRACT
127   PIERINO GATTEI. The 'Inverse' Differential Equation ABSTRACT
132   JOSEPH ROSENBLATT. III. Infinity and Geometry ABSTRACT
137   Computer Column
138   Letter to the Editor
138   Problems and Solutions
141   Reviews