Volume 20 (1987/1988)

Volume 20, Number 1 (September 1987)

1   RAY HILL. Ramanujan - His Life and Work ABSTRACT
9   A. TAN. Evaluating NBA Basketball Statistics ABSTRACT
14   P. A. FIRBY. Interference in Printing and in Textile Manufacture ABSTRACT
18   DAVID BARROW, ISOBEL BUSH and PAUL TAYLOR. Prime Arithmetic Progressions ABSTRACT
20   Computer Column
21   Divisibility by 7
23   Letters to the Editor
27   Problems and Solutions
30   Book Reviews


Volume 20, Number 2 (January 1988)  

33   Mathematical Spectrum Awards for Volume 19
33   A. W. F. EDWARDS. Pascal's Triangle-and Bernoulli's and Vieta's ABSTRACT
37   KEITH AUSTIN. You Must Remember This ABSTRACT
43   KEITH DEVLIN. Pulling Pi out of the Hat. SAMPLE ARTICLE
45   L. J. CHALLIS. George Green-Miller, Mathematician and Physicist ABSTRACT
53   Computer Column
55   Letters to the Editor
58   Problems and Solutions
61   Book Reviews


Volume 20, Number 3 (May 1988)   

65   Message from the Editor
71   MIKLOS BONA. Colouring Space ABSTRACT
74   IAN STEWART. Factorizing Large Numbers ABSTRACT
78   R. M. CLARK. The Luck of the Draw ABSTRACT
85   D. SOMASUNDARAM. Some Fascinating Formulae of Ramanujan. SAMPLE ARTICLE
86   DEREK HART and TONY CROFT. Safe Driving Speeds on Newly Surfaced Roads ABSTRACT
91   DAVID SINGMASTER. Little Julie's Confusing Calculations. SAMPLE ARTICLE
92   Computer Column
93   Letter to the Editor
95   Problems and Solutions
98   Reviews