Volume 2 (1969/1970)

Volume 2, Number 1 (Autumn 1969)

1    MARGARET HAYMAN. Mathematical Competitions ABSTRACT
5    G. PÓLYA. On the Isoperimetric Theorem: History and Strategy ABSTRACT
7    DONALD MICHIE. An Introduction to Conversational Computing ABSTRACT
14    P. CHADWICK. Mathematical Aspects of Smoking ABSTRACT
22    G. A. WATTERSON. Forecasting Trends ABSTRACT
25    R. L. GOODSTEIN. Solving Equations in the Algebra of Classes ABSTRACT
29    Problems and Solutions
32    Book Reviews
33    Notes on Contributors


Volume 2, Number 2 (Spring 1970)  

37    MARY L. CARTWRIGHT. The Mathematical Mind ABSTRACT
45    IVAN NIVEN. Sums of Sets of Integers ABSTRACT
51    S. VAJDA. Plane and Coloured ABSTRACT
54    F. R. WATSON. A Problem on Convex Quadrilaterals ABSTRACT
57    L. RÅE. A Probabilistic Triangle Problem ABSTRACT
65    D. J. BARTHOLOMEW. The Promotion Problem ABSTRACT
68   T. M. FLETT. Issoselease Triangles. SAMPLE ARTICLE 
69    Letter to the Editor
70    Problems and Solutions
73    Book Reviews
75    Notes on Contributors