Volume 19 (1986/1987)

Volume 19, Number 1 (September 1986)

1   ROGER WEBSTER. The Shakespeare of Mathematics ABSTRACT
14   J. C. TURNER. On Doodles and 4-Regular Graphs ABSTRACT
19   Seconds of Prime Beef
21   M. J. FADDY. Stochastic Compartmental Models ABSTRACT
26   Computer Column
28   Letters to the Editor
30   Problems and Solutions
32   Book Reviews


Volume 19, Number 2 (January 1987)  

33   Mathematical Spectrum Awards for Volume 18
33   A. TAN. Shuttlecock Trajectories in Badminton ABSTRACT
37   SIMON JOHNSON. Approximating n1/2 ABSTRACT
40   LINDA J. S. ALLEN. Fuzzy Set Theory ABSTRACT
46   All Known Perfect Numbers are Triangular
47   D. J. COLWELL, J. R. GILLETT and B. C. JONES. Character Expectation ABSTRACT
52   DERMOT ROAF. Lines and Points ABSTRACT
55   Computer Column
57   Letters to the Editor
60   Problems and Solutions
62   Book Reviews


Volume 19, Number 3 (May 1987)   

65   A. W. F. EDWARDS. Loopy Catenaries ABSTRACT
72   ANTHONY QUAS. Ratio Derivatives ABSTRACT
76   A. V. BOYD. Waiting Time for a Run of Wins ABSTRACT
81   HARRIS SHULTZ. Liquid Measurements Using Two Jugs. SAMPLE ARTICLE
83   B. R. STONEBRIDGE. The Knight's Tour of a Chessboard ABSTRACT
90   Computer Column
91   Letter to the Editor
92   Problems and Solutions
94   Book Reviews