Volume 16 (1983/1984)

Volume 16, Number 1 (September 1983)

1   ROGER WEBSTER. From Foundling to Philosopher ABSTRACT
4   NIGEL McCANN. The Mean and Variance of the Roots of a Polynomial ABSTRACT
7   DAVID SHARPE. A Mathematical Christmas ABSTRACT
12   J. JABLOWSKI. Drilling a Cube ABSTRACT
16   A. K. BAZLUL KARIM. Sums of Powers of Consecutive Integers. SAMPLE ARTICLE
17   Obituary-Sir Maurice Kendall
18   J. W. HILLE and E. MCPHERSON. Beyond the Calculator ABSTRACT
26   Letter to the Editor
27   Problems and Solutions
30   Book Reviews


Volume 16, Number 2 (January 1984)  

33   Mathematical Spectrum Awards for Volume 15
33   JOHN HEY. The Proportions of Quadratic Equations with Real and Non-Real Roots ABSTRACT
37   KEITH DEVLIN. The Biggest Prime Number in the World. SAMPLE ARTICLE
39   JOHN PYM. The Case of the Crossed Line ABSTRACT
48   J. D. MURRAY. Some Simple Mathematical Models in Ecology ABSTRACT
55   Professor Leon Mirsky
55   Computer Column
59   Letters to the Editor
60   Problems and Solutions
63   Book Reviews


Volume 16, Number 3 (May 1984)   

65   KEITH DEVLIN. Prime Numbers and Secret Codes ABSTRACT
68   D. J. COLWELL and J. R. GILLET. Coin-Tossing ABSTRACT
72   KEITH AUSTIN. Short Reasons Why the Impossible is Impossible ABSTRACT
78   C. F. GARDINER. Beauty in Mathematics ABSTRACT
85   CYRIL ISENBERG. Minimum-Area Surfaces, Soap Films and Soap Bubbles ABSTRACT
94   Computer Column
96   Letter to the Editor
96   Problems and Solutions
98   Book Reviews