Volume 15 (1982/1983)

Volume 15, Number 1 (September 1982)

1   KEITH AUSTIN. A Survey of Mathematical Puzzles II ABSTRACT
8   DAVID SHARPE. Roots of Poynomials ABSTRACT
14   B. M. BROWN. Some Examples of Distribution-Free Statistical Tests ABSTRACT
19   G. ROWLANDS. Chaos and Strange Attractors ABSTRACT
27   Letters to the Editor
28   Problems and Solutions
32   Book Reviews


Volume 15, Number 2 (January 1983)  

33   Mathematical Spectrum Awards for Volume 14
33   KEITH AUSTIN. A Survey of Mathematical Puzzles III ABSTRACT
36   K. E. HIRST. Continued Fractions ABSTRACT
45   CYRIL ISENBERG. Minimum Roadway Problems ABSTRACT
53   I. D. MACDONALD. Is Complex Analysis Useful? ABSTRACT
58   Problems and Solutions
62   Book Reviews


Volume 15, Number 3 (May 1983)   

65   D. R. GREEN. Euler ABSTRACT
69   HAZEL PERFECT. Would You Believe It? ABSTRACT
77   E. A. TROWBRIDGE. Walking or Running? When Does Lifting Occur? ABSTRACT
82   DERMOT ROAF. Coupon Collecting by Computer ABSTRACT
86   A. G. WILSON. Mathematical Models in Geography and Planning: Urban Retail Structure as an Example ABSTRACT
91   Letters to the Editor
91   Problems and Solutions
94   Book Reviews
98   Index to Volumes 13-15