Volume 14 (1981/1982)

Volume 14, Number 1 (September 1981)

1   A new cover for Mathematical Spectrum
1   VICTOR BRYANT. Bonds of Friendship ABSTRACT
6   CHANDRA B. SHARMA. Mathematics in India in the Middle Ages ABSTRACT
9   NIELS BECKER. How Infectious Diseases Spread in Households ABSTRACT
14   Blind student tests new computer equipment
16   W. D. HALFORD. Continuous Transformation Groups ABSTRACT
26   Letters to the Editor
29   Problems and Solutions
32   Book Reviews


Volume 14, Number 2 (January 1982)  

33   Mathematical Spectrum Awards for Volume 13
35   KEITH AUSTIN. A Survey of Mathematical Puzzles I ABSTRACT
44   M. G. J. VAN DER BURG. Where to Park the Car. SAMPLE ARTICLE
46   W. D. HALFORD. Lie Transformation Groups ABSTRACT
55   Letters to the Editor
60   Problems and Solutions
63   Book Reviews


Volume 14, Number 3 (May 1982)   

65   R. J. WEBSTER. Fame After Death ABSTRACT
69   VICTOR BRYANT. Long Live Kuratowski's Theorem! ABSTRACT
72   PETER FREEMAN. The Secretary Problem ABSTRACT
79   MICHAEL HOLCOMBE. Algebra, Machines and Biology ABSTRACT
89   Letters to the Editor
91   Problems and Solutions
93   Book Reviews