Volume 13 (1980/1981)

Volume 13, Number 1 (September 1980)

1   R. J. WEBSTER. Joseph Fourier - His Life and Work ABSTRACT
7   R. C. FAUST. The Versatile Mathematician ABSTRACT
14   J. GANI. The Problem of Buffon's Needle ABSTRACT
17   S. VAJDA. Configurations ABSTRACT
29   Letters to the Editor
31   Problems and Solutions


Volume 13, Number 2 (January 1981)  

33   EDITORIAL. Mathematical Spectrum Awards for Volume 12
33   JOHN PYM. The Series Swindle ABSTRACT
40   SUSAN R. WILSON. The Birthday Problem and Biological Research ABSTRACT
43   DAVID BURGHES. Mathematics and Sport ABSTRACT
49   C. M. SHIU and P. SHIU. Stamps and Coins: Two Partition Problems ABSTRACT
56   Letters to the Editor
58   Problems and Solutions
61   Book Reviews


Volume 13, Number 3 (May 1981)   

65   KEITH AUSTIN. The Dawn of the Computer Age - The Life and Work of Alan Turing ABSTRACT
74   D. G. NORTHCOTT. Odd Binomial Coefficients ABSTRACT
77   MICHAEL HOLCOMBE. The Bin-Filling Problem ABSTRACT
80   DOUG AVERIS and DAVID SHARPE. When Squares are Triangle ABSTRACT
84   BYRON J. T. MORGAN. Polyspermy: An Example of Mathematical Modelling in Biology ABSTRACT
90   Letters to the Editor
91   Problems and Solutions
94   Book Reviews