Volume 12 (1979/1980)

Volume 12, Number 1 (September 1979)

1   H. DAVIES. Relativity: From the Special to the General Theory ABSTRACT
7   NORMAN L. BIGGS. The Schoolgirls Problem ABSTRACT
11   RAY C. SHIFLETT and HARRIS S. SHULTZ. An Approach to Independent Sets ABSTRACT
17   W. F. B. JONES. A Computer Program to Play Othello ABSTRACT
25   Letters to the Editor
26   Problems and Solutions
28   Book Reviews
32   Notes on Contributors


Volume 12, Number 2 (January 1980)  

33   EDITORIAL. Mathematical Spectrum Awards for Volume 11
33   COLIN GOLDSMITH. The 21st International Mathematical Olympiad ABSTRACT
36   ALAN SLOMSON. How to Play Games with Trees ABSTRACT
44   E. A. TROWBRIDGE. Is the Fosbury Flop a Mechanical Success? ABSTRACT
50   H. V. SMITH. Numerical Integration ABSTRACT
61   Problems and Solutions
63   Book Reviews
64   Notes on Contributors


Volume 12, Number 3 (May 1980)   

65   EDITORIAL. A new cover for Mathematical Spectrum?
65   HUGH NEILL. Calculating Without a Scientific Calculator ABSTRACT
70   DAVID W. SHARPE. Four Theorems for a Desert Island ABSTRACT
76   D. W. JORDAN and P. SMITH. The 'Simple' Pendulum ABSTRACT
84   E. J. SCOURFIELD. Perfect Numbers and Mersenne Primes ABSTRACT
93   Letters to the Editor
96   Problems and Solutions
99   Book Reviews