Volume 11 (1978/1979)

Volume 11, Number 1 (September 1978)

1   H. BURKILL. J. E. Littlewood (1885 1977) ABSTRACT
10   J. R. ALEXANDER. Probability as an Aid in Social Research: The Randomised Response Technique ABSTRACT
13   C. MAR MOLINERO. Negative Chickens: An Exercise in Model Building ABSTRACT
18   J. L. GODWIN. Factorization and Random Numbers ABSTRACT
23   H. V. SMITH. The Determination of Easter. SAMPLE ARTICLE
25   Letters to the Editor
28   Problems and Solutions
30   Book Reviews
32   Notes on Contributors


Volume 11, Number 2 (January 1979)  

33   EDITORIAL. Mathematical Spectrum Awards for Volume 10
33   JOHN HERSEE. The 20th International Mathematical Olympiad ABSTRACT
36   DAVID KENT. Vieta's Iterative Process for P, with Errors ABSTRACT
41   W. J. EWENS. A Biologist's Magic Urn ABSTRACT
45   J. W. HILLE. A Bayesian Look at the Jury System ABSTRACT
48   B. L. BURROWS and R. F. TALBOT. Board Polynomials and some of their Applications ABSTRACT
58   Letters to the Editor
61   Problems and Solutions
65   Book Reviews
68   Notes on Contributors


Volume 11, Number 3 (May 1979)   

69   D. R. WOODALL. The Four-Colour Theorem ABSTRACT
75   R. L. TWEEDIE. Computerised Anthropology Finding and Settling Polynesian Islands ABSTRACT
82   ALEX RUSSELL. An Old Fable with a New Twist. SAMPLE ARTICLE
83   D. J. ROAF. Fictitious Forces ABSTRACT
95   Letters to the Editor
100   Problems and Solutions
102   Book Reviews
104   Notes on Contributors