Volume 10 (1977/1978)

Volume 10, Number 1 (September 1977)

1   J. G. BRENNAN. Graphs and Convex Polygons ABSTRACT
6   M. D. ATKINSON. Mathematics in the Service of Computer Programming ABSTRACT
12   S. BOOKCHIM and M. LEWIN. On Extracting Square Roots of Perfect-Square Numbers by Inspection ABSTRACT
15   JOHN STRANGE. More on Heronian Triangles ABSTRACT
25   Letters to the Editor
31   Problems and Solutions
34   Book Reviews
36   Notes on Contributors


Volume 10, Number 2 (January 1978)  

37   EDITORIAL. Mathematical Spectrum Awards for Volume 9
37   T. J. HEARD. The 19th International Mathematical Olympiad ABSTRACT
39   HAZEL PERFECT. Isaac Newton An Anniversary ABSTRACT
44   PHILIP M. NORTH. How Many Bird Territories are there on a Farm? A Statistical Approach to an Ornithological Problem ABSTRACT
48   P. SHIU. A Calculus Paradox ABSTRACT
52   W. D. COLLINS. Animal Mathematics ABSTRACT
59   Letters to the Editor
63   Problems and Solutions
65   Book Reviews
68   Notes on Contributors


Volume 10, Number 3 (May 1978)   

69   KIM ILES. Mr Pythagoras and the Tree Ring Problem ABSTRACT
72   L. MIRSKY. A Medley of Squares ABSTRACT
82   LAJOS TAKÁCS. Queueing Processes ABSTRACT
88   ARNOLD E. ROSS. Towards the Abstract ABSTRACT
96   Letter to the Editor
97   Problems and Solutions
99   Book Reviews
100   Notes on Contributors