Volume 1 (1968/1969)

Volume 1, Number 1 (Autumn 1968)

 1    Editorial
 3    R. J. WEBSTER. An Extremal Problem in Elementary Geometry ABSTRACT
 6    F. BENSON. Where Shall We Build it? ABSTRACT
 9    J. GANI. Whodunit? Or the Reverend Mr Bayes FRS Helps to Decide ABSTRACT
 13    G. T. KNEEBONE. Mathematics and the Physical World ABSTRACT
 16    Professor Pólya on Intuition and Learning. SAMPLE ARTICLE
 16    J. HOWLETT. Computers and their Uses ABSTRACT
 21    L. MIRSKY. From Rule of Thumb to Abstract Structure ABSTRACT
 29    Problems
 30    Letters to the Editor
 31    Notes on Contributors


Volume 1, Number 2 (Spring 1969)

 37    DAVID KENDALL. Mathematics A Way of Looking at Life ABSTRACT
 42    J. D. WESTON. The Laws of Thought ABSTRACT
 48    H. C. RAE. Variational Principles in Mathematical Physics ABSTRACT
 56    A. K. SHAHANI. How Many Extra Components in a System? ABSTRACT
 59    Problems and Solutions
 62    Letters to the Editor
 64    Book Reviews
 67    Notes on Contributors